Diet Demand | What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?
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What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Medical weight loss differs from traditional diet plans and systems due to its comprehensive and individualized approach. DietDemand understands that by simply targeting water weight and fat tissue, that this alone does not address the underlying causes of weight gain for most patients. We address the psychology and behavior that many overweight and/or obese individuals struggle with and by doing so, we can create effective strategies for long-term weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

Our professional medical guidance is provided by trained and experienced physicians who will guide you through your unique medical weight loss journey. After all, no two people are the same. Let us design a weight loss plan that works just for you!

The Pillars of Medical Weight Loss

Four pillars support the total structure of effective medical weight loss. They are:

Appetite Control

If you struggle to control your appetite, DietDemand can provide the right combination of pharmaceutical-grade appetite suppressant prescriptions to re-wire your metabolism.A sluggish metabolism is a common cause of weight loss struggles, so giving your metabolism a reboot will allow it to process the nutrition in foods more efficiently, which leaves you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time.

Behavioral Change

Behavior plays a big part in weight control. Are we able to control our portions? Do we live a sedentary lifestyle? Are we struggling with our energy levels? Poor behavior and inconsistent habits often contribute to weight gain, and DietDemand can help you change those habits and shift into a healthier direction.


Psychological Understanding

Understanding what drives us to eat and/or overeat is necessary to combat ongoing weight struggles. Eating more during times of stress, or to cope with certain emotions can keep us in a cycle of weight highs and lows. DietDemand believes it is important to address these factors in order to increase the chances of long-term success.


Nutritional Commitment

Although we provide exclusive medications that can assist with fast and efficient weight loss, we at DietDemand strive to provide customized nutritional tips and guidance to restore health and promote overall wellness. Commitment to our program also means a commitment to healthy eating.



Why Choose DietDemand Over the Competition?

Most companies, even in the medical weight loss space, don’t have the resources or the time to customize diet and prescription plans for each patient. Furthermore, their patients don’t often have access to medical staff when they need it, as they are passed along to representatives or consultants who are middlemen between you and your doctor. With DietDemand, our entire program is designed to offer completely unique plans to each individual based on their needs, with certified doctors readily available for assistance and support.

Ultimate Flexibility

The programs we offer are flexible. Since our doctors are intimately familiar with your personal profile and your progress, you aren’t trapped in a plan that no longer works for you. Our medical team can adjust your plan as you go to ensure that all your needs are met and that results continue.

Convenient, Remote Service

DietDemand operates via telemedicine for your ultimate convenience. While many weight loss programs require you to travel to their sites in order to weigh in, all our correspondence takes place privately by phone and/or email. From your first consultation and throughout your program, our weight loss experts are available to you by phone. You’ll never need to drive to a location, as all medications are conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Genetic Testing for Boosted Results

Certain genetic patterns may slow nutrition absorption, interfere with metabolic efficiency, and curb weight loss. By testing your genetics, we can reach a deep understanding of what prevents your weight loss success and craft a super-tailored medical weight loss diet program at our clinic that can boost your results by as much as 2.5 times what you have previously experienced.

Researchers are finding that our DNA is largely responsible for weight gain. Hidden in our DNA are certain genetic patterns that may slow nutrition absorption, interfere with metabolic efficiency, and curb weight loss. Our genetic testing specialists can dig deep to uncover what might be preventing your weight loss success.

Exclusive Medications

The medicine is what makes weight loss through our medical weight loss clinic undeniably more effective than ordinary diet and exercise. We offer metabolic improvement medicineappetite suppressants, and fat blockers, all of which are only available at DietDemand.

Our extensive medication list tackles a variety of weight gain causing factors: appetite control, carb blockers, fat blockers, emotional eating, metabolic improvement, vitality and more. Created and prescribed by our in-house doctors, our exclusive medications are a safe and effective means of accelerated weight loss.

If you’re ready to finally lose weight for good, make a no-obligation call to our experts or send us a message today to find out which services we have available.