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JumpStart Diet

Slow and steady wins the race, but when it comes to dieting, it’s easy to lose your motivation to continue if you’re not seeing results. DietDemand understands how important it is to see early weight loss results, especially when you’ve been putting forth a solid effort. Which is why we’ve created our JumpStart Diet to help you shed pounds quickly and keep you motivated, energized and eager to continue. JumpStart dieters see quick weight loss results that can immediately reduce bad cholesterol levels and rev up your metabolism.


Get a JumpStart on Your Weight Loss

If you’ve tried fad diets and other systems, most likely you’ve had to endure the frustrating waiting period between starting a new diet and actually seeing results. This waiting period could have led you to either give up, or move on to the next plan. However, DietDemand has scientifically designed a fast-acting weight loss plan to JumpStart your results using prescription diet aids and nutritional planning to thrust you towards weight loss success.

On the JumpStart Diet, your doctor will develop a comprehensive plan that will combine the very best diet aids, such as: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) that helps to stabilize mood by regulating the brain’s supply of dopamine. LDN helps to reduce snack cravings and curb the appetite. Those using Low Dose Naltrexone report eating less overall and better self-control. LDN also tackles inflammation, which is a factor in obesity. A healthier diet in conjunction with DietDemand’s Low Dose Naltrexone means fast results and essential motivation to keep going.


JumpStart Better Results

Patients across the U.S. are seeing incredible results on the JumpStart Diet. Patients are thrilled to finally find a program that offers safe, yet rapid weight loss within weeks!

  • No contraindications – safe to use with other DietDemand diet aids
  • Increased sharpness and mental focus
  • Sustained energy for physical activity
  • Overall improvements in mood
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Quick weight loss results of up to 15 lbs. per month
  • Long-term, positive changes in lifestyle habits


JumpStart Your Weight Loss Today

Interested in what the JumpStart Diet can do for you? Call or message us today for a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed doctors. DietDemand’s skilled medical professionals work closely with your body to develop the best quick weight loss diet plan for you, based on your unique needs and goals.

Once we’ve developed your personalized JumpStart Diet plan, we’ll ship all the materials you need directly to your door, eliminating costly and time-consuming trips to local doctor’s offices. All DietDemand’s prescription diet aids are manufactured to our strict specifications in a U.S.-based compounding pharmacy, so quality and purity are always a guarantee.

Get started today – just call us toll free or send us a message today. How much you lose is up to you – we’ll make sure you get there.